pyActigraphy tutorials

This series of notebooks are meant to illustrate the different features of the pyActigraphy package.


  • A gentle introduction to the basic functionalities: intro

  • How to read files by batch: batch

Analysis examples

  • How to perform a Cosinor analysis with pyActigraphy: cosinor

  • How to perform a Functional linear modelling with pyActigraphy: flm

  • How to perform a (Multifractal) Detrended fluctuation analysis (MF-DFA) with pyActigraphy: mfdfa

  • How to perform a Singular spectrum analysis (SSA) with pyActigraphy: ssa


The features illustrated in this section have to be considered as work-in-progress; most likely, they will be turned into full-fledged features in a next release. However, for impatient and brave users, it provides a starting point for testing:

  • How to read actigraphy data stored in a pandas.DataFrame with pyActigraphy: pandas

Suggestions & Requests

If a feature of the pyActigraphy package is not illustrated here, do not hesitate to suggest it by fill an issue.

Or, even better, contribute to this section by providing us with your favourite notebook where you illustrate how this feature is relevant for your analysis.